This is the list of charecters from The Boondocks

The Freemans Edit

Image Name Description
Huey peering out window
Huey Freeman Huey is the example of a black radical freedom fighter. He does what he can to bring justice and peace in the black community. He is know for his organizations, protests, and beating the shit out of his brother Riley. He is voiced by Regina King
Ballin' - Riley's dream
Riley Freeman Riley is known as hood. He has many dreams tobecome a rapper, and a basketball player. He thinks he could fight, but he gets his ass kicked on a daily basis (most of the time by Granddad and Huey. He is voiced by Regina King
Granddad Freeman
Robert Jebidiah "Granddad" Freeman Granddad is more of a bad example, and he has a weekness for bitches. He is voiced by John Witherspoon

Other Main Characters Edit

Image Name Description
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Thomas Lancaster Dubois Tom is what most people would call a snivilling little pussy, due to living his liveof the fright of going to jail and being anally raped. He is also, as stated by Huey in Stinkmeaner Strikes Back, "Is as far from a nigga as a black man could be." He is voiced by   Cedric Yarbrough
Sarah Dubois
Sarah Dubois Sarah Dubois is Tom's white wife. In the episode Tom, sarah, and Usher, it in a way showed she was bored with him. She is voiced by Jill Taley 
Jazmine Dubois
Jazmine Dubois Jazmine is Tom and Sarah's biracial daughter. She has a mistakable crush on huey, and confuses Jesus with Santa Claus. She is voiced by Gabby Soleil
Uncle Ruckus Uncle Ruckus is what you could call a self hatingh white supremecist. He hates everything that has to do with black people, and kisses the white man's ass. He also denies being black and says he has revitilago. He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams
Ed Wuncler I Ed Wuncler I is the big shot of Woodcrest (mainly because he owns every damn thing) He is voiced by Ed Asner
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Ed Wuncler III Ed Wuncler III is a drunken psycopath out of Iraq. He is voiced by Charlie Murphy
Gin rummy
Gin Rummy Gin Rummy is Ed Wuncler III psycopathic co hort, and the brains of all their robberies. He is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson

Recurring Characters Edit

Image Name Description
Gangstalicious Ganstalicious is Riley's favorite rapper and a closet homosexual. He appears in The Story of Gangstalicious, The Story of Gangstalicious Pt. 2, and Thank You for Not Snitching. He is voiced by Mos Def
Thugnificent Thugnificent is Riley idol. Thugnificent is friendly to everyone in the neighboorhood, except Robert and maybe Huey. He is the leader of the Lethal Interjection Crew (consisting of him, Macktastic, Flonominal, Riley, and a few other rappers whos names were never mentioned. He is voiced by Carl Jones
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Macktastic Macktastic is part of the Lethal Interjection Crew. Even though he is a stereotypical gangsta, he has a quite advanced vocabulary. He is voiced by Snoop Dogg
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Flonominal Flonominal is a member of the Lethal Interjection Crew. He is a stereotypical, usually saying words like "Word", and "Nah Mean". He is voiced by Busta Rymes
A Pimp Named Slickback
A Pimp Named Slickback A Pimp Named Slickback is the prime example of a sterotypical pimp, and is modeled after Monet Mikey, a pimp played by Katt Williams (his voice Actor). He is voiced by Katt Williams